Corrupted Flash Drive Data Recovery

Flash drives are among the best computer devices which come handy and very sophisticated to use. These drives are used to transfer or store the backups of the files. As said every day is not Sunday, sometimes we may land up in corrupting our flash drive. The reasons for corruption are many to count, but at that situation what really matters is the data that was stored in that flash drive. All of a sudden you may think that you have lost all of your data and need someone to help you out of it, and that someone is our software which is well engineered to recover corrupted flash drives of any manufacturer. The software is flash drive recovery software which has the ability to retrieve corrupted flash drive data without making any changes to it.

Ok then, I have given the solution for the problem you were in, but before jumping to the software let me discuss some of the scenarios that cause the data loss in flash drive which leads you to restore corrupted flash drive data. This will help you to take some precautionary measures in the future to avoid data loss. The important scenarios that lead to corruption of flash drive are as follows.

  1. Abrupt ejection: If the user doesn’t have the habit of following the procedure for ejecting the drive and remove the flash drive abruptly then that could lead to the corruption. If a flash drive is corrupted then the system will not be able to identify if nor any file stored in it.
  2. Virus infection: Viruses are the self executing programs that get attached to the files and can corrupt them. They even corrupt the file system of a flash drive which would convert the drive to RAW file system where the system will not be able to access the drive.
  3. Formatting on different devices: If you frequently format your flash drive on different system then there is a chance of corrupting your drive in turn which leads to data loss.

These are some of the scenarios where you will end up corrupting your flash drive. If you are among those people who have corrupted the flash drive and want to recover corrupted flash drive data, then you are in right place and the solution that you are looking for is flash drive recovery software that is recommended by the industry experts and appreciated by millions around the globe. This software has the ability to perform compact flash card data recovery and also supports other memory card types like SD cards, XD cards, MMC etc.

Reason why recovery experts suggest this software:

Compact flash card recovery is a software that is very simple to use and when comes to the abilities of the software it is a well engineered recovery product that has set a milestone in the recovery industry and won list of awards. The software has not compromised with the security when compared with other software because it has been scanned by the latest version of the best antivirus software. With the help of this software, people can restore flash drive Mac operating system based laptops and desktops easily. The algorithm that is used in this software can recognize more than 300 file types and recover corrupted flash drive as well as preview option is like cherry on the icing which allows the user to recover only the files that he want to recover and save them. Using the evaluation version of the software the user can check whether the software is capable of delivering the result that he is looking for. It is a reliable tool which is capable to perform flash drive file recovery which can be developed by any brands such as SanDisk, Transcend, HP etc.

Few steps to restore corrupted flash drive data.

1. Download and install the trial version of recover corrupted flash drive software. Launch it by double click on desktop icon and select appropriate option from the list "Recover Files", "Recover Photos", "Recover Partitions / Drives".

Recover Corrupted Flash Drive - Home Screen

Fig 1: Home Screen

2. Now select the corrupted flash drive from which you have deleted or lost the files, by clicking on the next it starts the scanning process..

Recover Corrupted Flash Drive - Select Drive

Fig 2: Select Drive.

3. The list of files that can be recovered will be displayed in a new window. If you are satisfied with the performance of the evaluation software then buy the full version to continue saving the file.

Recover Corrupted Flash Drive - preview List

Fig 3: Preview List.